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Skip to content . 128 Parts for this Model. Bracket and Electrode as shown in this image for flame thrower control valve. If you are converting the gas type for your Turbo gas grill this is the rotisserie orifice. An Free shipping. Knob diameter is 2.25 inches. These cast iron burners are the replacement burner for most Turbo Select grills and also replaces the stainless burner used in the Grand Turbo Models. Includes six inserts (shafts) and set screw. 3/8 inch flared male to 3/8 inch flared male fitting used to join two gas hoses. Battery holder and button igniter replacement for Turbo gas barbecue grill repair. Grill Parts Home > Turbo > Gas Pressure Regulator, Convertible (NG Or LP) Gas Pressure Regulator, Convertible (NG Or LP) Convertible gas regulator (made by Maxitrol) with integral vent tap, for use with natural gas (NG) or propane (LP) fuel. Replacement gas valve for turbo STS gas grills. grand turbo grill parts. Flat ceramic radiant use in several Turbo gas barbecue grills including Grand Turbo, Turbo Select models and Grand Cafe models. If you need help or just have questions, contact us anytime. BBQ Galore carries replacement parts for gas, charcoal and electric grills and smokers from all of the top brands. This orifice is used to convert to LP or NG in many STS, XG or CG models. 47” ignition electrode wire with female spade and square plastic connectors, used with battery powered spark generators to connect igniter electrodes and modules for Amana, Brinkmann, Centro, Charbroil, Chargriller, Charmglow, Coleman, DCS, Grand Cafe, Grill Chef, Grill King, Kenmore, Kmart, Master Forge, Nexgrill, OCI, Outdoor Gourmet, Patio Range, Perfect Flame, Sams, Surefire, Turbo and lots of others. $4.99. Once ordered let us know what gas conversion you require. BBQ Grill BBQ Galore/Turbo Instruc Manual for Model190066,190082 & 214627 VTG. Parts Lists, Photos, Diagrams and Owners manuals. 24" LP hose and regulator with POL fitting. Adaptor fitting can be used with 83855 and 88935 control valves so tip of valve has 3/8 male flared threading. Others may be used parts from a different year of grill model. Heavy duty nickel plated 5/16” steel rod. Consists of hose part# 01000 and regulator part# 00920. BBQ Parts. Adequate to 90,000 BTU. Check Hex-head diameter. The POL fitting reverse threads into the inner threading of modern portable LP propane containers. LP regulator with two hoses for side burner applications. You can repair your Turbo gas grill for a fraction of the cost of a new grill & have it cooking as good as new in no time! Left and right of the sensor are mounting bolts to secore the thermometer to the hood. Spud style orifice for Turbo gas barbecue grills. Click to see orifice replacement details. Center sensor bar is threaded with a wing-nut so one single hole in the hood can be used to install this thermometer through the hole. 4.2 out of 5 stars 51. Click here for additional information about this electrode. Mechanical piezo rotary ignitor with two outlets to connect to two electrode wires or one electrode and a ground. Below is our list of the Turbo grill parts we inventory. The flared fitting is a sealed attachment that does not need plumbers putty or teflon tape. Barbeques Galore is the main source for BBQ grill parts. Use this to connect a copper or aluminum gas line to a hood style orifice in order to connect the burner to a control valve extended the length of the gas line. Orifice to fit adaptor as shown in image here and below. This valve had the electrode attached to ignite the gas grill burner. Gas hoses are 18 or 24 inches depending n what is in stock. Orifice from Turbo rotisserie. Gas Hose for LP and NG in-line connections is 10 feet long with quick-connect adaptors. View and Download Barbeques Galore Y0662LP owner's manual online. Sort By . Electrode and collector box cross over ignitor for Turbo gas BBQ grills allows spark ignition and crossover ignition from one grill burner to the next burner. Replacement control valve for Turbo Challenger Models, older STS models and some Elite and Classic Turbo barbecue grill models by BBQ Galore. Reset Find . … $89.99 . Buy this regulator for NG bbq grills and if you are converting a barbeque from LP (liquid propane) to natural gas.NG regulator ships with water filter for outdoor use. Replacement gas grill parts for Turbo model: Y0663NG (Grand Turbo) Y0663NG (Grand Turbo) Burners. BBQ Renovators of San Diego Barbecues Galore Grand Turbo BBQ Cleaning and Repair. ... 16 1/4" x 2 1/16", BBQ Galore, Grand Turbo Cast Iron Burner - CITSG. Some Turbo electronic ignition systems have a bettary pack with a button that attaches to a module that attaches to the electrodes that spark at the burner. Measures 7 1/2” x 4 3/4”. ground wire with female spade and eye connectors, Buy Genuine BBQ and Gas Grill Parts for Grand Turbo Y0663NG. In Stock . This is the gasket that fixes the seal from a clamp on valve attached to the barbecue grill manifold. Amazon's Choice for grand turbo grill parts. It's Easy to Repair your BBQ and Gas Grill. This battery holder button is wired to a seperate module - 88593 below -- and that module is wired to the electrodes that spark at the burners inside the barbeque grill. $52.78. Thermocouple for rotisserie screws into some Turbo safety valves to conduct heat from the infrared rotisserie and allow gas flow to the infrared rotisserie burner. This item contains a package of four (4) ceramic tile radiants. We have installed all these replacement gas grill knobs, electrodes, ignition modules, radiants and the rest in thousands of Turbo, Grand Turbo, Turbo Select, Eite, Classic barbecue models and other models passing through BBQ Galore like Capt Cook, Aussie, Cook On, etc. Ceramic Flame Tamers for Grand Turbo grills. Stainless steel chicken roaster. universal battery powered ignitor for Brinkmann, Centro, Charbroil, Charmglow, to ground ignition systems, electrodes and modules for 4.5 out of 5 stars 58. for use with 1.5v spark generator, ignitor module The center post is the heat sensor for the hood thermometer. Knob Details. Get it as soon as Thu, Sep 5. Turbo Grills were a private label brand carried exclusively at BBQ Galore.Over the years, they used many different manufacturers for their grills. Check the status of your order, cancel or return items. Eight burners and 887 sq. Verify your Turbo model number. Look at your orifice to be sure and Select The Appropriate Regulator With The Orifice. 03610 and 03620 wires are commonly used with this igniter (not included). Because the manifold is too close to the control panel the module with the button and battery is too big to fit inside the control panel. This aftermarket part replaces the drawer and includes the following: Deluxe 13” basting mop with hardwood handle and cotton mop head. There are a few but we will use the hex-head orifice as it is the original orifice in this adaptor. Brass fitting for gas hose connection. Center sensor post and two small bolts for installing the heat indicator to the hood. The compression side is 1/4 inch unless you send us another size for the aluminum or copper gas tubing. 720-0057-3B - 720-0057-4B - 750-0057-4BRB and STS Turbo grills CG3TCN, CG4TDN, XG3TCN, XG4TDN. This compression fitting will self-seal to a 1/8 inch aluminum or copper gas line to extend gas flow to the orifice at a further barbeque burner or to the back of the gas grill rotisserie burner. Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale - Click Here for Deals! This is a light weight 10' gas line that is very strong and reliable and easy to use because of the quick-connection. Ignition assembly on valve is extended as shown. Buy Genuine BBQ and Gas Grill Parts for Grand Turbo YN663NG. Replacement flame thrower control valve with ignition for many barbecue grills. 99. Through the years the Turbo models, Grand Turbo, Turbo Select and Turbo Strada have been made by various manufacturers. As with any orifice let us know if you need assistance or an explanation of what a certified technician will do when converting your BBQ. $70.00 A5 Captain Cook Main Burner - 410248 . Note: This part is used in racks P1741A, and P1742A. Replacement heat indicator fits many Turbo models with three holes in the hood. Control valve with front mounting plate has exterior and interior threading at tip so an orifice can be added in a variety of ways. Built-in Freestanding Infrared Hybrids Natural Gas Liquid Propane Pedestal & Post Tabletop Gas Carts. Gas BBQ grill valve for some Turbo gas barbecues. See Replacement Grill Orifice. O-ring type gasket for clamp-on barbeque grill control valves. If we do not hear from you will will attempt to contact you. This NG regulator has half-inch pipe thread female connections. $41.99 $ 41. A nut under the button holds the module box to the control panel and the AA battery is under the button which unscrews to replace the battery. Shop Grand Turbo Parts Select From 22 Models--We only sell genuine quality parts -- Music City Metals 02618 Ceramic Electrode Replacement for Turbo Gas Grills and Kenmore 141.152230. Each rack holds twelve (12) P1751A-R ceramic flame tamers (sold separately). $47.00 . Replaces Turbo factory part# P1961P. Less than 3 can also be used by grounding unused electrode attachments. Measures 7 1/2” x 4 3/4”. Universal ignitor with battery operated module, push button, two electrodes - varied size, electrode wires, collector box and a battery (aa)! The bracket is designed for the 45 Degree Valve shown above but we constantly extract the electrode as needed for other flame thrower valves also. Repair parts for BBQ Galore Turbo Grills including knobs, valves, orifices, more. This is included not as a Turbo gas bbq grill replacement part but because this electrode can be used to attach to any grill burner for ignition. The rotisserie valve has a gas line attached in the control panel and the orifice screws to a compression or flared fitting at the back of the BBQ where it enters the rotisserie burner venturi. We bought the last of their supply so these are going to be extinct eventually. Orifice is 3/8 of an inch wide from flat to flat at the head. Orifice sizes match BTU settings determined by an appliance regulator so order a regulator with orifices always so the orifices will be drilled to match safety settings. 66 Parts for this Model. The end is threaded inside and out and can easily be changed to 3/8 flare for many other Turbo models that connect to a gas hose. Clamp-On valve connection. Use wire part# 03620 for this purpose. When choosing parts that were not part of the original grill structure, there are a few things to keep in mind: Cast iron burner for Turbo model Y0663NG. Selectable D position (refers to the shape of the control valve post), socket diameter (6mm or 8mm), and shaft length (flush, 0.25”, or 1.625”. Many valve stems are shaped like the letter "D" and at "OFF" the flat of the D is in different places. BBQ Renovators of San Diego - BBQ Cleaning & Repair of Barbecues Galore Grand Turbo (Installing new burners) Copyright © 2004, 2008 All rights reserved The backing is designed so the hood thermometer does not rust and become damaged immediately from moisture and heat like so many cheap heat indicators do. It's Easy to Repair your BBQ and Gas Grill. Please browse our catalog below for the most up-to-date selection of Turbo BBQ parts. Ceramic Brick Flame Tamer Radiant for Galore Grand Turbo Grill Parts 4 Pack. Turbo model rotisserie orifice has 3 holes in it. ... Burner Cover, Vaporizor Bar, and Flavorizer Bar Replacement for Select Turbo Gas Grill Models (16 1/2. Replacement regulator for Natural Gas Grill with 1/2 inch female attachments. 85. Cookingstar Ceramic Brick Flame Tamer, Grill Ceramic Briquettes (8-Pack) for Barbeques Galore Gra… 5mm orifice fits into end of valve to limit BTU gas flow in many Turbo barbecue grill control valves. In-Line Liquid Propane Appliance Regulator. Cast Stainless Grand Turbo Main Burner . Burner measures 15-7/8" long X 2-7/8" wide across the angled top portion. The battery holder button mounts in the control panel of many older style Turbo gas BBQ grills. This thermometer is available in a black painted steel and stainless as shown here. Our goal is to provide affordable replacement parts for your Turbo barbecue grill to help you save on expensive international shipping costs. Replacement ignitor spark generator with 6 electrode connection brackets.This ignition module can be made to work with any barbeque that has a hole in the control panel or by placing a hole in the control panel. This gas barbecue grill control knob replacement ships with 2 different sized inserts to fit different sizes of valve stem. Click here for additional information about this electrode. Although not an electrode designed for Turbo and Jenn Air and other models, we use this ignition electrode as a retro-fit installed in flame thrower models so we can make them spark against the burner in any place necessary for reliable ignition. This gas barbeque valve has a long extension where the orifice attaches to the valve. Gas hose connection is 3/8 flared female. Actual Replacement Valve is Not a Flame Thrower Style Control. Desc ... $79.99 . Grill Parts Home > Turbo > 15-7/8" X 2-7/8" Wide Angled Top Cast Iron Burner . Attach brass compression fitting to BBQ grill control valves that are made to fit hood style orifices. This module is from the older style igniter with three parts. Turbo manifold for STS model has a control valve for the infrared burner with a thermocouple, a rotisserie safety valve and three control valves for the barbecue. This electrode is easy to moint inside the barbeque because the clip allows the electrode to install through the front firewall of the BBQ or install through a hole in the mounting brackets with a single screw. 17-32 of 347 results for "grand turbo grill parts" Skip to main search results Amazon Prime. Gas hose Includes the threaded fittings and adaptors necessary to install the regulator from the manifold through to the shut-off valve attachment. This extended orifice fits the same 1/8 pipe thread control valves as the 88317 below. Universal four-outlet battery powered push button ignitor. Turbo STS 26" / 32" Main Burner . Fits any grill with inside bezel diameter greater than 2 5/16” (the knob diameter). 1/8 inch pipe thread convert to 3/8 inch male flared connection to gas hose. With a simple mounting bracket and long steel post an electriode like this can be used to repair most barbecues. The best way to roast poultry on the grill, Includes rack, rack support, and basting brush. Features air/gas mixture adjustment locking screw at venturi end. Click to see orifice replacement details. Parts Lists, Photos, Diagrams and Owners manuals. Control valves that go bad usually get damaged from heat and begin to leak where it attaches to the manifold. Fits models: Y0662LP/NG; Y0663LP/NG; Y0665LP/NG; And others. This replacement for the original is not identical because the original shown here is extinct. 3/8 inch flared male to 1/4 inch pipe male fitting used to join the hose and regulator to the manifold on Weber models and some others. This is the 2 spark module so there are two spade outlets for either 2 electrodes or 1 electrode and 1 ground wire. Type: Brand: $33.95 $19.46. Brass orifice fits the 88935 control valve above for Grand Turbo and Turbo Select gas barbecue grills. Get it as soon as Fri, Sep 27. The valve includes an internal piezo module for ignition but does not include the electrode. COVID-19 NOTICE: We're open and shipping on time! Each measures 2 1/8 … Select your model and see a list of genuine parts that exactly fit your grill. Brass fitting for gas hose connection. Aftermarket replacement burners, cooking grates, heat shields, valves and igniters are available for some of these original Turbo grills even though the retailer went out of business. Straight thru L.P regulator with 28” hose. The sensor post is threaded to also be the installation bracket. Made to connect igniter electrodes and modules for Chargrillers, Great Outdoors, Jenn Air, Vermont Castings and others. We carry many parts for Turbo, Turbo Elite, Grand Turbo, Grand Endeavor, Captain Cook, Cook-On, Odeon and more. Ducane, Profire, DCS, Lynx and many hundreds of other gas grill models. Quarter Inch compression connection on bottom and gas orifice (LP or NG) in end has outer threading with Two nuts for mounting to gas bracket and to rotisserie burners in any grill. Click Large image to reduce. 15-7/8" X 2-7/8" Wide Angled Top Cast Iron Burner . We found to help insure that you get the correct replacement parts for your Turbo by Barbecues (BBQ) Galore Grill, that you measure your original parts and compare them to the listed below. Burners Cooking Grids ... BBQ Grills. Push-button electronic igniter with four (4). Classic Accessories Hickory Cover For Built-In Grills… Gas . Through the years the Turbo models, Grand Turbo, Turbo Select and Turbo Strada have been … Flame Tamer Rack for Grand Turbo. Fits any grill with inside bezel dia. All trademarks the property of their respective owners, and are not affiliated with CLA Grills & Service or it's products. This valve is used on the Grand Turbo and the Turbo Select. Grill Parts . Shafts can also be trimmed to desired length). Ducane, Profire, DCS and many other grill models use this piezo rotary spark generator. This is best done with the old parts out of the grill. Starter hole can be opened a little for LP gas or a little bit more for NG. COntact us directly if you need something else. Universal adjustable control knobs (2)is plastic made to look like stanless steel. Barbecue grill repair ignition electrode. In Stock . Direct Store Parts DF101 (6PACK) Replacement for Ceramic Radiant Flame Tamer for Bakers and Chefs, Fiesta, Grand Hall, Member's Mark, SAMS & Turbo Gas Grill Models 4.7 out of 5 stars 204 $42.59 $ 42 . This module has 4 prongs to attach 4 electrodes for use with turbo grills with up to 5 burners.Although image is green, modules are often black. Less than 4 can also be used by grounding unused electrode attachments. The flared fitting does not need teflon tape or plumbers putty but the 1/4 inch pipe fitting does need a sealant. Below are the ignition electrodes, modules and gas BBQ grill parts to repair Turbo gas barbeque grills. The 38″ Grand Turbo Built-in barbecue gas grill provides space, performance, and heat control to ensure meat and veggies come off the grill cooked to perfection every time. If an electrode rusts through the firewall and a proper replacement cannot be attached, the electrode can be made to work. Replacement briquettes for Turbo heat shield briquette grid item 94751, above. Showing all 12 results. Turbo grill repair parts are tricky because the Turbo, Grand Turbo, Turbo Select and Turbo STS barbeque grills were made for sale only through the BBQ Galore retailer. Grand Turbo BBQ and Gas Grill Parts It couldn't be easier. We have manufactured the Turbo line of gas and charcoal grills for decades. Click small image to enlarge. Universal 3 Spark gas bbq grill ignition module. Replacement Grill Parts for Grand Turbo. 3/8 inch flared is the most commonly used gas hose. COVID-19 NOTICE: Please allow 7 business days for your order to be shipped. Orifices are blank and we drill factory settings here before shipping calculated to match regulator pressure when the regulator is ordered with the orifices. Choose from the Turbo, Turbo Elite and Grand Turbo grill models. 2 Spark Module works with item 2100226 listed above. Universal knob. Works with item 2100226 above and plugs into grill electrode ignition. 35 Parts for this Model. The module installs into the control panel and the electrodes plug into this module. Control Knob fits Turbo Challenger barbecue models and some other Turbo models. universal control knob. Box of 4. All-In-One battery poweref AA ignitor module can be connected to any electrode for any barbecue ignition system. These are usually found on larger sized infrared grills and should be used on any low pressure LP appliance pulling more than 65,000 BTU from a residential portable LP tank. For this reason there are charbroil valves that fit the Turbo Select and Grand Turbo gas grills. Uniflame and many other barbeque grills. inches of grilling space provide optimal versatility for every backyard chef. Thermometer fits Anything Single center post is thin enough to pass through the hole in any barbecue hood. We'll ship your order fast so you can repair your BBQ and get grilling. Cooking Grate for 38" Grand Turbo Grills - Set of 3 - 11.25" (W) x 19" (D) In Stock . When using a large permanent propane tank the gas line will connect to the barbecue with this low-pressure appliance regulator. Cast iron bar burner. Find replacement grill grates by size. Shop replacement parts from Barbeques Galore. Shop today! Generally the Turbo gas grill replacement parts that are needed are burners, briquette trays and cooking grates. GrillSpot offers a large selection of Turbo grill parts. Oval Hood Thermometer. BBQ Grill BBQ Galore/Turbo Single … Universal electrode replaces many gas grill ignition electrodes. Parts Lists, Diagrams, Owners Manuals and Photos available to help find your replacement parts. Brinkmann, Centro, Charbroil, Charmglow, Kenmore, Uniflame and others. Replacement rotary ignitor with single outlet to fit FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Box of 4. Module installs with 2 small screws in control panel and has a single outlet for electrode to plug into. It's Easy to Repair your BBQ and Gas Grill. The propane tanks are able to attach with either the outer QCC or the inner POL. Original self igniting Turbo flame thrower control valve made for a Challenger model barbecue grill from BBQ Galore. Parts Lists, Photos, Diagrams and Owners manuals. Replacement gas grill burners, cooking grates, heat shields and igniters are all available for these old Turbo model grill parts even though the retailer and the manufacturer went out of business. Two Stage Propane Regulator with 24 Inch gas hose. Smoker drawer kit assembly. Y0662LP grill pdf manual download. Universal 4 Spark gas bbq grill ignition module. Replacement module for any gas barbecue grill ignition system. Some original igniters had an integrated ground wire. Check Hex-head diameter. This valve is referred to as the: 45 Degree Valve. Selectable shaft length - flush, 1/4”, or 1 5/8”. Spud style orifice can be used in a liquid propane or natural gas barbecue grill. Buy Genuine BBQ and Gas Grill Parts for Grand Turbo B3812ALP. Eligible for Free Shipping. 9/32 inch hex-head is also 7mm. The parts we offer are exact fit parts that help make your repair fast and easy. Cast iron burner for Turbo model Y0663NG. Two stage regulators are used in gas barbecues with higher BTU flow than most -- as much as double the gas flow. Replacement valve includes adaptor at tip for three-eighths male flare thread. Electrodes ship with additional washers for proper installation. 4 Spark Module installs into control panel with 4 spade outlets for up to 4 connections. We have replacement grill parts for the following Turbo outdoor gas BBQ grill models. Grand Turbo Grill Parts. Only 7 left in stock - order soon. $2.80 shipping. 15 3/4 x 4 3/4, Members Mark Cast Iron Burner - … Knob fits 37088 control valve and also fits several other control valve stems. To help insure that you get the correct replacement parts for your Turbo grill, we recommend that you measure your original parts and compare them to what we have listed below. NOTE: This is an aftermarket part made to replace original part number P1741A, which is no longer available.Fits models, Replacement parts orders for Turbo grills over $35 shipped to the USA (contiguous 48 states only). Elbow Attachment. BBQ Grill Hood Thermometer. With these adjustable knobs the setting of the "D" can be inserted into the control knob so it will fit properly on any barbecue grill control valve. Two foot long rubber gas hose. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Radiant tiles are approximately 7 inches by 4.75 inches. Igniter Electrode 186730. Please compare part photos and descriptions. In Stock . This valve clamps to the gas manifold. Turbo Grill Parts ; Burners ; Burners . Instead of a bolt there is a tight stainless tension clip that fits onto the sensor inside the hood to hold the thermometer tight when pressed against the inside of the hood. Replacement gas valve for barbecue models by BBQ Galore. Shop our stainless steel grill grates here. Grand Turbo 52” BBQ; 38” BBQ; 27” BBQ. Showing all 2 results. LP regulator allows gas at approx 11 inches of water column and natural gas regulators regulate gas at 2 - 6 inches water column. There is no orifice at the end which is threaded for the gas connection. Select your model from 22 Grand Turbo BBQs and Gas Grills. Replacement Grill Parts for Grand Turbo. Gas compression fitting with threaded 1/8 inch female pipe thread often used to attach to hood style orifice. $9.85 $ 9. Orifices only ship drilled to match regulator pressure when the regulator is ordered with the orifices. Agan, this is not made for gas bbq grills by barbeque galore but this electrode can be attached to any burner or firebox for use when the proper replacement electrode cannot be used. Orifices are needed to convert a BBQ grill to NG or LP and this orifice fits many STS c3, cg3, c4, models and Grand Turbo Rotisserie and other models. 50 briquettes included. The Turbo branded products were made for BBQ Galore by many different manufacturers over the years and replacemnt grill parts can be … A side attachment is threaded for the gas line and the manifold clamps at the bottom. AAA battery screws under button and nut hold module to control panel with 3 attachments for using up to 4 ignitor electrodes together. 20" wire with female spade connectors. greater than 2.1875”. Shafts can also be trimmed to desired length. We have a few replacements for this orifice if you need to convert the barbecue from one natural gas to propane or to natural gas. FREE shipping. Use your original orifice which is 1/4 inch diameter across the hex head. Model Number. Replacement ceramic electrode ignitor used to repair BBQ grill models by Amana, Surefire, Tuscany and other barbecue grills. Universal electrode replaces many gas grill ignition electrodes. AAA battery screws under button and nut hold module to control panel with 4 attachments for using up to 4 ignitor electrodes together. We drill the orifice to ship by matching the regulator. Free Shipping by Amazon ... Zljiont 1 Pack Cast Iron Burner for Grand Turbo Y0662LP, G5TSR, Grand Turbo Y0662LP, Y0663LP, Y0663NG, Y0665LP, … Check the mounting for your gas barbecue. Some are simply replacement parts that come from third-party manufacturers. Some exist as upgrades to make your grill better or allow it to serve a specialty purpose. Commonly called Beer Can roasters. Ceramic Flame Tamers for Grand Turbo grills for some Barbeques Galore grills. or Best Offer.

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