is it illegal to carry a knife under 18

Regardless of actual cutting edge length, the overall blade length is of concern. Knives that aren’t considered “deadly weapons” by definition and whose blades are blades are four inches long or shorter can be carried in concealment. With that being said, it is legal to carry legally owned weapons in a vehicle as long as the weapons are being used legally. Concealed carry is only available for pocket knives that have a folding blade that measures in at shorter than four inches long. Most knives are legal to own in the state of Nevada. Under this law, if a person is deposits, possesses, or carries a deadly weapon in any public or private school campus or property, they could be charged with a crime. Bowie knives, machetes, and swords can also be carried openly and are not restricted by size. Other than the restriction on knife ownership and possession that applies to convicted felons, New Hampshire state law does prohibit the sale of paintball guns and BB guns to minors. Knives with blades longer than 4 inches are prohibited, as are swords and straight razors. You also have to be a citizen of the United States to receive a concealed carry knife license. In general, as long as you stay away from ballistic knives and stick to knives with blades that are four inches or less, then you can buy what you want and carry it how you like in the state of Florida. My name is Jorge Moya and I am the export manager of Hydra Knives, a new knife making company from Spain. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Knife control is illegitimate under the U.S. Constitution. LAWS ON KNIVES UK: Legislation governs selling, buying, or carrying a knife. In fact, it is illegal to carry any knife if you are behaving in a way that might be seen as threatening. No person can carry a knife onto the grounds of public schools in Maryland. And your unhappy that someone decided to help out their fellow knife enthusiast and provide them with the cold hard facts of the laws that changed? It may be perfectly OK to have one in City or Town A but go to City or Town B and you can still be charged with a Crime. This does NOT change the local laws which govern civil law in which the majority of jurisdictions still have local laws against these knives. Knives like dirks and daggers need to be carried openly. Vermont is also permissive when it comes to carrying legally owned knives. So I took well over 1 hour answering EVERY Question above that was asked, even though all the questions are old I know many people that still have those same questions and my answers are as relevant today as the questions are. Knives with blades that measure 5 inches or longer are illegal to carry in concealment. Pocket knives can be carried in concealment, but most other types of knives are illegal to carry in concealment. Not one reply was approved? Blade Length and Full Length = Blade plus handle. Private citizens aren’t allowed to give deadly weapons to intoxicated individuals or people who are habitually intoxicated. Anyone wishing to conceal a knife legally should stick to knives with smaller blades. Those who have been convicted of a violent or drug-related felony are not allowed to own a dirk, stiletto, dagger, switchblade, or any type of knife that the state deems deadly. Concealed carry is another issue. Example, Jimmy is 12, hunting in NJ with his family. To all who I attempted to provide you with the answers to your laws questions, I did try to provide you with the answers you never for but apparently the moderators of this site felt the need to block my answers from reaching you and would rather provide you misleading and incorrect laws for knives based upon state. All of my questions about knife laws begin with ‘where’ and what I really want to know is which states are off limits with particular blades. The state doesn’t even restrict the sale or transfer of knives to minors. They don’t allow for deadly weapons but do allow knives that are 2.5 inches or shorter under certain circumstances on school property as knives that are within these dimensions are not considered to be “deadly or dangerous” weapons. Are not knives covered under the 2nd amendment also? Only average pocket and hunting knives with blades 3 inches long or shorter can be carried in concealment. Since at the time the laws regarding the above listed knives we put in, no one has shown that there was any practical use (utilitarian or other) but rather only be used to conceal the knife for intent to commission a crime or other unlawful purpose almost all states followed suit and made them illegal as well. Sub-part (d) of § 14-269 provides the ‘ordinary pocket knife’ exception to the concealed carry prohibition, and the criteria of what is required to come within the exception:This section does not apply to an ordinary pocket knife carried in a closed position. However, it should be carried in such a way that it does not suggest that the carrier has illegal intent. Sale or Transfer of Knife Law No prohibition is given regarding the sale or transfer of a knife in Arkansas. They used to have some of the strictest laws in the country regarding carrying weapons, but these laws were changed in 2016. Maryland has no statewide preemption so laws can vary dramatically from city to city, especially near Washington D.C. No type of knife is explicitly banned in Massachusetts. And most of all, Please be safe!! Only switchblades and other varieties of automatic knives are illegal to purchase and own under Louisiana law. However, knives can be brought into parking lots by adults as long as they are stored in a vehicle and not taken from it. I can understand why they don’t want any knives in a school or government building. Or in simpler terms, there can be no illegal objects, only illegal actions. This is a fairly vague law, and it is up to different law enforcement and legal professionals to decide on a case by case basis. People with one arm can own a switchblade as long as the blade measures less than three inches in length. You can also open carry any knife … He can still use the knife legally. it’s a case xx fixed blade , $even inches long. Are there laws in California against using a knife as a weapon? If brass nuckles are illegal in kansas can they still sell them in kansas,and are they legal to buy?? Any knife that is 12 inches long or shorter can be carried openly or in concealment. Dup question. If a knife can be purchased legally, then it can be carried legally as long as it is clear that there is no intent to hurt people. Knife laws in Idaho are pretty complicated than the other states and you got to remember a lot of things while knowing about the laws. Favorite Answer. There are no illegal knife types under the law, so as long as a knife is carried openly, it is legal to wear it. It is illegal to carry knives with blades measuring 3.5 inches or longer in concealment. The state does set up laws against concealing knives it considers dangerous. Knives legal in other areas are illegal to carry in schools. Bringing bladed weapons into school zones is a felony offense. Until presented and passed by a legislature, it is your right to do as you damn well please. Since children under 18 are allowed to hunt and fish, surely they need to be able to process the harvest, so a lot of places institute specific possession and transportation restrictions on minors. Carry laws forbid an individual from carrying, concealed or open, certain knives. Cheers, lets see if this gets published or dropped. On the other hand, any kind of double-edged knife is outlawed. Now more than ever, one needs to know what laws govern them and to what extent, because the government loves it when you allow ignorance to give them the ability to walk right over you. Most schools ban weapons of all types, but there are some restrictions within the state’s overall knife laws. For example, most pocket knives and all leathermans as well as multi-tools fit this description. Any non-pocket knife that’s 3 inches or shorter is considered a deadly weapon. The state has relatively open laws, but it wants its citizens to carry blades in the open and leave them at home when it comes to visiting public property and public gatherings. I have a question regarding knife sales. UNLESS you have seen some law/regulation/legally enforceable rule IN WRITING (official government printed publication or website that states you can, can not, may, may not, shall, or shall not do something), then do NOT do (or refrain from doing) that thing or you may in fact be violating a law. I need clarification of Mississippi ‘s knife law. There are no distinctions between concealed and open carry, any knife that can legally be owned can be legally carried. Does customs have specific requirements. I love KnifeUp. The residents of New York can legally own pocket knives, hunting knives, dirks, daggers, or stilettos. Let’s face it. Yet, my replies are no longer on here awaiting moderation, as they once said. This ban goes from kindergarten classes to postgraduate universities. Second off, leave it to the Southern states to be the first to grow a goddamned set when deciding weapon laws. Washington, DC, the District of Columbia is not listed. Knife owners should be prepared to explain why they are carrying their blade in the manner that they are carrying it in. Only ballistic knives and “Chinese throwing stars” are forbidden and cannot be sold, purchased, owned, or carried. Not true at this time. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to,,, US Knife Laws – State Knife Laws in the United States, Alaska Knife Laws – What’s Legal, Illegal and Alaska State Code, Alabama Knife Laws – What’s Legal, Illegal and Alabama State Code, Best Rain Jacket under $100 – My Top 3 Choices, Best Camping Stove under $50 – My Top 3 Choices, Best Hitch Bike Rack for the Money – My Top 3 Choices, Best Budget Sleeping Bag under $100 – My Top 3 Choices. You can liken this debate to the states who have legalized marijuana. Any knife that can be legally owned can be carried openly. Does a KA-BAR fall into the utility purpose as far as hiking and outdoors adventuring is considered? Pocket knives that have blades which measure 3.5 inches or shorter can be carried in some schools. The state of Kansas opened up their knife laws in 2014 and now they have some of the most permissive laws in the country. ",, Sir or Mam, thank you very much for your hard work. However, the state is strict about which knives that can be concealed. Can u carry a knife when u are 12 And less than a figure leathe long. Knives cannot be brought onto school property. The state of Wisconsin has outlawed the ownership of gravity knives, butterfly knives, or any knives similar in concept to those two. In other words laws should focus on what actions cause harm (stabbing, slashing, brandishing, negligence or reckless behaviors,) NOT on the mere owning or carrying of a knife. Conclusion on Florida Knife Laws. Only ballistic knives are illegal to own. hola podrian traerme este cuchillo asta uruguay tambien soy youtuber mi nombre es lucas, podrian traerme este cuchillo me llamo lucas. They also helped me save $30! This is why I say the State Felony law may have been repealed in Missouri, but it is still buyer beware to know your local jurisdictional laws for where you tend to possess, travel with, and use the knife because those are the laws that will get you and you telling that officer, “Sir, the state has rescinded the law making it legal to possess a Switchblade, that Cop can easily tell you well that’s fine and good if you were on State property, but your in this little town and there is still a civil violation carrying upto X months in jail. Don’t make any assumptions based on the State law. It may have special rules at that point for your age and how you are transporting the knife. You need to update your Texas article. The law draws a distinction between knives that are dangerous and those that aren’t, though the distinction can be fuzzy. Ownership Law: Forbids an individual from owning a particular type of knife, even in their own residence. The state of Arkansas does not forbid concealed blades; they forbid carrying blades with unlawful intent. Most fixed blade knives have two items that are looked at for the laws. Thank you sincerely, Bryan Shepherd. Thanks . I have noticed the public in general has adapted a “may I?” attitude, and the gov is more than happy to let you continue that way. Because of a change in the law made in 2010 it is not legal to own any type of knife in New Hampshire as long as you have a clean legal record. As per Section 18-3302A, it is illegal to, directly and indirectly, sell a knife to a minor under 18 years old. Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam has signed SB1771, Knife Rights’ bill repealing the state’s antiquated ban on switchblade (automatic) knives and possession of knives over four inches in length “with intent to go armed,” a vague law subject to abusive interpretation. As usual, Maine school districts ban the carrying of knives on school property. Many, if not most, state laws deal with carrying knives in some form or another. The state wants citizens to stick to pocket knives and kitchen knives, but even then they should be careful to use them in safe and non-threatening ways. Meaning it is open to officer discretion upon the arrest. Which means that your 2.5 in liner locking pocket knife you use to cut your fishing line with, automatically becomes illegal if your sole purpose for carrying that knife to to cause harm or be used to commit a crime (ie use it for unlawful purposes. State law specifically forbids blades longer than 2 inches from being brought onto school property. What’s the law on open carry like on your hip or on the dash of your car ?? Of course, rules and regulations vary between schools and school districts. Aside from carrying them on federal lands, local laws may vary because there doesn’t seem to be any preemption statute to unify the law throughout the state. You can no longer be charged with a felony for a specif knife, but a local law can just as quick throw you in jail on a civic violation. The state makes it clear that weapons should be kept off of all school grounds, from kindergarten through post-grad. Other knives are illegal to carry in concealment. These laws are usually only enforceable after the fact and, for that reason, allows the state to increase the penalty of a crime. As of July 1, 2014, there are no longer any per se illegal knives in Tennessee. Still illegal to carry a switch blade though. Maybe in the future, but I don’t think so, Joe I’m 16 and I’m in arizona for the summer and I was winder if I was aloud to bring a hunting knife on then plane because in arizona because it was my first Time in arizona but I from Indiana and when I go back I got a delay to Texas then I ho back to Indiana would I be alright bc I got a case for it. A line is drawn at four inches of blade length, anything shorter is generally safe to carry in concealment. Knife laws can be divided into these two categories: ownership laws and carry laws. On the other hand, the state has strict rules about concealing knives. You are correct that on a State Level Missouri did repeal the law on Switchblades, however, just because the state law was repealed, does not mean that all local laws have followed suite, and that is what is important. However, lets say that your knife is a fixed hunting or fixed fillet knife who;s lengths are longer then what I mentioned. Then, depending on that input, provide an overview of which states allow such a blade. The law makes a distinction between stabbing and non-stabbing knives, where stabbing knives such as dirks or stilettos are illegal to conceal. The knife laws in Iowa are defined by a distinction between what is considered a “dangerous weapon.” Daggers, razors, stilettos, switchblades, and any blade longer than 5 inches can all be considered dangerous weapons. It basically says that you can carry a concealed knife if you have a permit, but the definition of a knife is really limited to a PLASTIC knife, blunt table knife or pocket knife. I’ve got a question. It is against the law to: Sell a knife to anyone younger than 18 years old. Exceptions are mainly made for longer blades, as long as it can be proven that the blade is to be used for hunting, fishing, or some related outdoor activity. Knives are not allowed in Oregon schools, which are weapons-free-zones. In the case of pretty much all knives, there are a set of simple guideline you can go by to get a generalized understanding of the knife laws in the US in general, however, it still comes down to the laws, restrictions, and regulation of the jurisdiction that you are in with such a knife. YES! Most knives are legal to own in Texas, with the exception of gravity knives. Children under 12 cannot use a bowie knife or dirk without direct parental supervision. 790.17 Furnishing weapons to minors under 18 years of age or persons of unsound mind and furnishing firearms to minors under 18 years of age prohibited. You cannot buy, sell, or carry switchblades in the state. In NJ a knife fixed or folding must not exceed a blade over 4 inches and a full open length of 9 inches. The laws were recently changed and made much more knife friendly for most locations in the state. I just think that indexing basic knife criteria would be useful to a lot of people. For example, some states forbid an individual from conceal carry of knives over a certain length but open carry of that same knife is legal. It is illegal to: sell a knife of any kind (including cutlery and kitchen knives) to anyone under 18. carry a knife in public without good reason – unless it's a knife with a folding blade 3 inches long (7.62 cm) or less, eg a Swiss Army knife. Neither felons nor minors can own a switchblade, bowie knife, dirk, or butcher knife. Deadly weapons are not permitted on school property. When something threatens my rights, KnifeUp is the first to inform me. Now only ballistic knives are illegal. I’m about to open an online sporting goods store, and I’m sure its illegal to sell knives via my online store to anyone under the age of 18, but I just wanted to make sure before I go and add the annoying age verification to my site when I open it. Only switchblades and pocket knives can be legally concealed. The only restrictions left are related to the fact that knives are restricted on school property. The opposite is the same for the Switchblade where in this case the higher Authority has decriminalized the Switchblades but most municipalities still have civil laws on the books that are just as enforceable and can lead to your arrest, fine, and confiscation regardless of the fact that the State Law has made them legal under specific circumstances. According to Knife Rights, that’s limited to interstate commerce, Indian reservations and anywhere federal regulations exist like national parks. So don’t let a government entity bully you with department policy. Violating either of these prohibitions qualifies as a felony, so keep the knives away from schools and courtrooms. Android 2.35 HTC inspire. Now it is legal to carry any legal knife with a blade that measures 4 inches or shorter in concealment legally. Again, officer discretion to measurement can come into play. However, there is momentum in the state to loosen the restrictions on concealed carry knife laws. However, nobody should ever take ANYBODY’s “word for it,” even when that person is an agent/officer/employee of the agency/department/city/county/state (or the US, for that matter). The state doesn’t make a distinction between concealed and open carry; the law is based on lawful intent. This is a great resource. Knives with blades 3.5 inches long or longer may not be carried in concealment in Colorado. Thank you. These can only be owned by collectors who register their purchases with law enforcement. State law forbids bringing deadly weapons on to school grounds. Under federalism, governing powers are divided between the federal government as well as the state governments. Looking to see how legitimate this is. Basic laws on knives. Let me explain. The state is strict on carrying knives in schools, on state property, or at private healthcare facilities. This is a very useful resource! It’s illegal to: sell a knife to anyone under 18, unless it has a folding blade 3 inches long (7.62 cm) or less. It should be noted that Baltimore has additional knife ordinances regarding switchblades. I can’t speak for other countries, but we are a free nation founded on the ideals of freedom. Always remember that State law generally sets the presidence on how the municipalities write their laws, however, because a state decriminalizes a law, it does not mean that ANY local jurisdiction will adopt that change and why it is so important to know State Law when on state land or road, but equally as important are your local jurisdictional laws. ", "I'm relieved that there is someone out there protecting me and my rights. For states existed before the founding of the US, the writers of the Constitution respected the state’s authority by limiting federal powers to only those expressly stated within the Constitution. But on the other trying to open carry or carry concealed without a permit sharply limits the kinds of knives you have access to for carrying in public. According to the knife laws in Idaho, any knives can be owned and be carried openly. The state forbids dangerous weapons on school property. Things get trickier when it comes to concealed blades. Beyond this, Main also bans the display of dangerous or deadly knives “in a threatening manner.” So make sure that you don’t carry your knife in a way that might frighten or intimidate others. As of July 15, 2013 the ownership and carrying of switchblades in Kansas is now legal. It is also legal to carry any knife as long as it is in the open. Bowie knives, dirks, balisongs, switchblades, and butcher knives are all illegal to carry in concealment. However, the definition of “deadly weapon” is a bit fuzzy and application of the law is uneven. Keep in mind that this is a very particular situation, and in most cases, individuals cannot bring knives onto school property. Most knives are legal in Indiana, except for throwing knives and ballistic knives. When it comes to carrying knives, 12 inches is the magic number. In the state of Illinois, most knives are legal to own. Nevada law makes it clear that knives should be kept away from schools and other childcare operations. Cheers! Knives with utility like pocket knives and knives used on the job are clearly allowed, while other knives require a level of careful conduct from the owner. What I’m trying to say is, unless a written law specifically forbids it, then fair game, precedent be damned. Knife Laws Jargon in Missouri. Basic laws on knives It is illegal to: Sell a knife of any kind to anyone under 18 years old (16 to 18 year olds in Scotland can buy cutlery and kitchen knives). The only knives that are illegal are ballistic knives and throwing stars. Most knives can be owned legally in Montana, with the exceptions being switchblades and other automatic knives with blades that measure 1.5 inches or longer. If it gets dropped, I will never come to this site for reference again, and I will remove the link to it on my companies educational pages, as well, I will stop instructing my customer to come here for their law answers. I love your work, so much so that i even linked out to you(see paragraph 2) in my latest post. All other knives need to be carried openly. There are no laws restricting the sale, purchase, or transfer of knives within the state. Court proceedings do not dictate law. The state of Georgia is another state whose laws have been opened up recently. Pocket knives that are two inches long or shorter are legal in just about every situation. I hope you understand what I was trying to explain. The state of Colorado does not tolerate deadly weapons on school property. Schools are one of the rare zones in Texas where no one can carry knives of any sort. If you had allowed my answers to the questions asked, you could have gotten a wealth of knowledge to update your laws by state with but now it appears as thought that is too much to ask. I am also in NY (not NY City and NYC has different rules) and have the penal law §265.01 to follow. in a tent or backpack). According to Arkansas Knife Law, this state has no specific concealment legislation. Information on the types of knives that can be owned and how they may be carried is quite useful, thanks. I thought I was helping you guys out by replying to each person and explaining the law, what the change means to them, and what it means in general as well as the expectations that can arrive at from these law changes. Violent felons, the mentally ill, and anyone without a good explanation can be forbidden from owning gravity knives, switchblades, dirks, daggers, or similar blades. Some of the most important laws regarding knives include the following: It is illegal for any person to sell a knife to somebody under the age of 18 unless the knife has a folding blade that is under 3 inches in length. The state of New Jersey is very permissive when it comes to knives that the average citizen can own. They consider daggers, automatic knives, and sword canes to be offensive weapons. Any knife can be legally concealed in your vehicle or concealed if you are using the knife as a sportsman who is hunting, fishing, or taking part in a similar activity where the knife will be necessary. It is illegal to sell, transfer or carry any knife under the age of 18 or any person of unsound mind other than pocket knives. No automatic, butterfly, or automatic knives can be carried in concealment. The state has laws against carrying deadly weapons in concealment, but they have an exception for dirks, knives, and razors that are used for peaceful and legal purposes. The only types of knife that residents can’t legally own are switchblades or similar springblade weapons. The state of Hawaii allows citizens to own and carry any sort of single-edged blade, no matter the size or variety. Very inaccurate. Carrying a knife in public without any good reason, unless it has a folding blade with the cutting edge 3 inches long or less; To carry, sell or buy any type of knife that is banned; Use a knife in a threatening way (even a legal knife) No type of knife is illegal under Kentucky law. I’ll be waiting for you’re reply. Did I break some underlying rules by providing my companies Facebook page? ... Florida Knife Open Carry Laws. The critical dimension to keep in mind when looking at Colorado knife laws is 3.5 inches. of Commerce; I am a Kentucky resident and have a 3.25″ lock-blade. All other knives can legally be purchased and owned, including automatic knives, gravity knives, and undetectable knives. I work at a VA facility and according 38 CFR § 1.218 – Security and law enforcement at VA facilities (b)(39), knives should not exceed a blade length of 3 inches – I’m guessing this is pretty typical across other federal locations. Balisongs and switchblades are the blades specifically targeted by Hawaiian law. Knives of all sorts should be left at home when visiting these locations. What I am trying to say simply is that the majority of the state likely still has some form of restrictional / civil laws on these knives so removing the State Law and Felony status technically has little baring on the legality of the knife in any none state owned land, and therefore it may be an accurate statement to say that the state of Texas has legalized the Switchblades but that only helps you on state property while 95% of local governments still have them illegal at a civic level. so i live in minnesota and im going on a road trip to hilton head i want to purchase a knife from every state i go to can i get a knife in one state thats illegal in minnesota and bring it back with me? If the knife can be legally owned then it can be carried openly or in concealment. All my answers stated that they were awaiting moderations. It’s also important to carry such knives in a non-threatening manner because carrying with intent to harm is illegal. Any person who breaches the law will be guilty with a misdemeanor, and he or she has to pay $500. Kentucky Knife Laws Moving Forward. 1. Your laws for Wi are years out of date. Is my USMC knife okay? The United States was founded under the principals of federalism. Illinois has strict rules about where you can carry knives. So, to protect yourself, please do NOT just assume because Missouri Repealed the Felony Law regarding the sale, possession, and transport of this item, it does not mean your free to carry your Switchblade with impunity through the entire state. Unfortunately, the penal code does not give any definition of what makes a knife one of the offending daggers, stilettos or dirks. Unlike Alabama, Alaska does have quite a few rules for carrying knives and it can be a little complicated to comply with all of them. Pocket knives with a metal blade that measures less than 3 inches long are permissible in some schools under certain circumstances. It’s illegal to: sell a knife to anyone under 18, unless it has a folding blade 3 inches long (7.62 cm) or less. Any knife that can be legally owned in Nebraska can be carried openly legally. There is no age restriction, but there are laws that govern carrying a knife. So if the law states that by visual inspection the knife looks and may feel as though it is anything but a knife, having the words on there makes no difference. Rules vary between schools. They need to be careful how they word these states that have removed the Felony status / laws on these knives without misleading people to think that it is now legal to take your switchblade anywhere you choose inside that state. Most knives are legal to own in Maine. Pocket knives can be carried in concealment by anyone, but beyond that, there are age-based restrictions. What is the shipping and regulations for Canada? Non-pocket knives should be kept outside of these publicly-owned properties. However, there is no law regarding the sale or transfer of knives to minors. The legal distinction is built on intent rather than concealment, so it should be clear that you are carrying your knife with legal purpose. In Delaware pocket knives that are three inches long or shorter can be carried in concealment. Specifically, I live in Florida and will be traveling in Wyoming and South Dakota in the near future. i have a tactical-folder (that i bought for protection after being roughed up at work) and. Daggers, switchblades, butterfly knives, gravity knives, automatic knives, and stilettos may all lead to legal trouble if they are carried in concealment, so it’s best to keep them in the open. Below we have listed out some of the terminology that you will find in Knife Laws and Regulations. You cannot carry a deadly weapon while attending any location that serves alcohol or meetings that charge a fee for entry. Any knife can be carried openly. The tricky thing is that knives may or may not be defined as “dangerous weapons” depending on how they are used or the way that the owner intended to use it. or if I’m in a state park and I have that knife hanging from my belt is that illegal? This brings us to the knives in the grey zone, which are the butterfly knives, switchblades, and dirks. Dirks and daggers can be carried openly but they need to be sheathed. Superb post and thanks for letting me know about the law, I really appreciate for sharing, well can you please also let me know from where I can get Swiss Army Style Knife from ? Schools are by and large supposed to be weapons-free areas, but the state does allow for trained and licensed individuals to bring weapons onto school property with the permission of the school’s leadership. Thanks Rich. Switchblades, dirks, gravity knives, bowie knives, and throwing stars are all illegal to carry in concealment. Since children under 18 are allowed to hunt and fish, surely they need to be able to process the harvest, so a lot of places institute specific possession and transportation restrictions on minors. With that being said, while many knives can be owned Texas law is very strict about carrying knives and only a few can be carried legally. Plus if you have a stiletto switchblade that has a blade length of 6 inches but the cutting length is the legal limit is it legal to carry. or not. Here are some easy general rules to follow with all these “Dangerous Knives” as these were listed in all states. Knives that could be carried legally in most places may not be brought onto school property. Somebody please respond. I live in Va. Moreover, selling knives that exceed the legal knife size mentioned to persons under 18 years of age is considered a fourth-degree offense. Please update the Illinois switchblade laws. Is an assisted opener such as a Kershaw Blur considered a switch blade? In most states (I haven’t looked up yours at this time) state that a knives blade must not exceed 4 inches and the full size must not exceed 9 inches, however, this is just a conservative average across the country and your area may be different. Es bueno esta pagina, los cuchillos son excelente y el servicio tambien creo, la pagina esta muy buena cuchillos fantasticos del CSGO nunca vi una pagina asi. There are now no limits on the knives you can legally possess outside of federal regulations. Instead, any knife with a blade over 5 ½ inches will be considered a “location-restricted knife.” Unlawful Carry of a Weapon Under 18. That’s my non-expert, non-legally binding two cents from experience and research. Immigrants and international tourists shouldn’t have a knife on their person or in their New York property. in the pocket no, its considerd concealed get a knife holster and have it on your belt or waist..... and as long as you say its used as a "Tool" then its not illegal and the blade cant swing open freely and cant be bigger then ur palm. The only type of knife explicitly banned is switchblades with blades that measure three inches or more. For example, robber is a bad crime but robbery with a knife laws is viewed as an even worse crime and should be punished more than simple robbery. Knife laws for the minors in Florida. The violation may no longer be a felony, but could still be a gross misdemeanor and could carry time. So their are cases where they are still noted as a Felony even in states who repealed the law for the average law abiding citizen. §1244). If a knife has a blade that’s 3.5 inches long then it needs to be kept where people can see it. The number used to be 5, but it was changed in 2017 with the passage of HB 292. All knives that can be legally owned in Missouri can also be legally carried in the open. I’ve already written a detailed post on Knife laws in Alabama and you can read that post in detail here – Areas with tighter knife laws are schools and New York City. If a knife can be owned legally then it can be carried in the open legally., P.S. The code 790.06 License to carry concealed weapon or firearm explains thoroughly about these. Minors can only carry pocket knives and selling knives to people under 18 without explicit permission from a parent or guardian is illegal. All types of knives are legal to own in Idaho for adults. The only restriction for open carry of legal knives is in school zones. Please use additional resources to provide you with the accurate laws for the state in question and if need be compare a couple sites to see if you can find a common ground answer which would most likely be the correct one. Just because a state has decriminalized put, does not mean that a Federal officer can not come to your pot legal state and arrest you for your bud since it is still illegal Federally. North Dakota is also very liberal when it comes to open carry, any knife that can be legally owned can be carried openly. Beyond those specific types of blades, any knife with a blade of 4 inches or longer is illegal to carry in Connecticut. I think you forgot that you typed ‘California” and “argue in court” in the same general line of questioning. I recently took at a job at the Census Bureau in Indiana, part of the Dept. Dirks, stilettos, sword canes, bowie knives, and any other knife with blades longer than 3 inches are illegal to carry in concealment. Broader weapons bans are in place at most schools, but some may allow shorter knives for limited purposes. This means you can legally purchase and own most knives. All other knives are fair game. It’s also illegal to sell such blades to minors in Chicago, though these restrictions don’t extend beyond the city. The information on here about the knife laws in Tennessee are outdated and incorrect. An exception applies if it has a folding blade up to 3 inches long (7.62 cm). Indiana. Than kyou (on behalf of a pretty liberal state [kinda sucks]). The laws in Wyoming do not limit the types of knives you can legally own. You’re not allowed to because of the owner of the building. For example if you wanted to go somewhere that had a no weapons sign on the door but asked the owner of the property, if granted, you can carry there. With that said, Massachusetts is fairly restrictive when it comes to carrying knives. I’m not saying it will be easy or pain free, but stand up and show some of the old blood that bought our freedom. Chicago has additional ordinances, prohibiting the sale and use of knives over 2 inches long by anyone under the age of 18. Why would you take those responses and just dump them on the floor and not approve them? It’s illegal unless the guy or gal with the badge say so…. Public buildings should be weapon-free areas, and knife owners should leave their blades behind when visiting schools or airports. Perhaps if you are not going to let people know the laws as they stand today, you should stop being the Authority on Knife laws since people can not come here and be sure that the laws you have listed are still in effect today (April 20 2017) which means nothing you have listed can be trusted. If there isn’t a clear and lawful purpose for the blade then carrying it will be considered a crime. So to be safe assume illegal unless you know for a fact they have repealed the law and that the local jurisdiction for where you choose to carry your knife through and at it’s final destination have repealed their laws as well. ... 10 years ago. It is now legal to own a switchblade in Illinois if you possess a FOID card. Hi The Federal Farmer! Anyone who has been convicted of a crime or who is dealing with mental illness should avoid carrying dangerous weapons or keep them in the open while showing clear, peaceful intent. You are carrying a knife with a blade that is less than 3 1/2″ long. My guess is that I am wasting my time writing this, and it will say it is awaiting moderation which will never happen and this question will be dropped on the floor along with ever reply that these people have been requesting from you guys. Switchblades used to be illegal to carry in concealment until the law was repealed in 2017. Now it is anything shorter than a foot can be carried without a weapons permit. The only info I found that pertains a bit to your question is found at this link to the government of the state of Florida (Agriculature Dept); All knives are legal as of 2/4/16 by statute. Any knife can be carried openly, but few can be concealed. But there is quite a long list of restrictions on concealed carry knives. Knives are banned from all schools, from kindergarten to postgraduate. Yes, because not all people can read and not all people can read the language in which those words are printed. It is also illegal to conceal carry any permissible knife, except for bringing them to schools. As such only pocket knives or knives that are clearly going to be used for hunting purposes should be carried in concealment. Therefore, when you travel from town to town, you would not have to worry about municipal knife laws. Given the fuzzy state of the law, it is best to carry knives in the open in Wisconsin. I found a knife that works for both of these TAC Force TF-903BK Spring Assist folding knife, it’s less than $10 on Amazon and the knife is of decent quality. Some UUW knives cannot be manufactured or sold with an intent to use unlawfully. Knife Laws: Terminology. What if a manufacturer of one of these items Visibly Prints the words “Knife” or “Knife Inside”. Knives are also forbidden on government property. It is California we are talking about…. I’ve been struggling to get clarity on knife laws for a while. Most knives can be legally purchased, owned, and carried in the state of Maryland. Since only a small number of states have rescinded the law on Switchblades (in this case we are talking about Missouri specifically, always assume that from a state level, ALL Switchblades, Stilettos, Daggers, Gravity Knives, Sharpened Swords, Automatic and Push Button Knives, or any knife considered to have no functional use other than to be a dangerous concealed weapon. your US map didn’t come up when I clicked to this site, The map was not available. Any knife that can be legally owned can be carried openly or in concealment in Louisiana. Minnesota knife owners need to make it clear that they are carrying their knife with peaceful intentions. Carrying knives into school zones is generally considered an offense. What weapons are legal to carry in California? What are the laws for MO and KS? Carry Law: Regulates, size, type, length of knife you are allowed to have outside of your home. Gravity blades and switchblades can be owned by people who have the appropriate hunting/fishing license. California law divides all knives into three categories, knives that are legal for open and concealed carry, knives that are only legal when carried in the open, and knives that are never legal. It will not be a felony (unless your a felon, carrying for unlawful purposes, or have a specific mental illness in which you are not allowed to pretty much own any weapon for fear of hurting yourself or others. Most types of knives can be legally owned in New Mexico. Knives used for lawful purposes such as hunting and fishing are also permitted. It is legal to carry any type of knife openly. From pocket knives to switchblades and disguised knives, they are all legal to own in Mississippi. Iowa schools are knife-free zones. The minors under 12 years can carry knives but only with his or her parents. , You have a paragraph concerning knife laws in Mass saying that if you have a Class A LTC license you can carry a switch blade and most other Knives in Section J of Mass Laws I called the Law Library and they cannot find that without more info Could you tell me where you found that info sight laws are so vague it can be on individual opinion which is not good. When carrying a knife, you should do all you can to make it clear you only intend to use it for lawful purposes. On the other hand, carrying a knife longer than 12 inches without a proper permit is illegal. The state of Virginia allows the ownership of any type of knife. No ballistic knife should be carried in Colorado. When I was 15 I was charged as an adult with multiple non-violent felonies in South Carolina. Knives designed to go through metal detectors undetected are also illegal. Check the local laws before traveling within Massachusetts while possessing a knife. No knives are illegal to own in the state of West Virginia, but restrictions are made when it comes to carrying. Suffice to say, the Knife laws in the state of Alabama are one of the most open-minded in the US when it comes to knives but there’s a small legal risk associated with some type of knives and similar weapons. It is illegal to sell deadly knives to minors. Well in this case, that rescinding of the State law has not helped you one bit. The state of Washington allows residents to own a wide range of knives, from pocket knives to disguised knives. Our forefathers believed that freedom was inherent to being human. They do state that you cannot conceal deadly weapons, including certain knives. Do you know the importation and selling laws? my name is Rick and I have a question about concealed carry of a knife, I do have a concealed carry permit in Florida and what I need to know is what knives are allowed to be concealed carry with a permit. Automatic knives and switchblades are also illegal to carry if they are longer than 1.5 inches. you google it and the old law comes up but that is no more I was told thy Are legal. However, despite the change in the opening operation legality, knives falling under the definition of dirks, daggers and stilettos are still illegal. Pocket knives, balisongs, disguises knives, bowie knives, and throwing knives can all be legally owned in New Jersey. The knife laws in Pennsylvania draw a distinction between protected knives and offensive weapons. Map does not work in safari, could you add a list of states or a drop down menu, Thanks. I have been days trying to find information about the knife sector from the US, the amount of sales (and money) that the cutlery sector from the US generates; the number of consumers from the US; the volume of importation and exportation products, etc. The exceptions are switchblades, butterfly knives, or blades with similar designs to these knives. So what does that mean for a site that want to provide the most comprehensive set of laws for knives? While concealed carry knife laws in Florida might not sound at all friendly, the … The laws in Nebraska outline areas where knives should not be carried. Nothing on the Kentucky legislative docket in 2018 suggests current knife laws will change for at least one year. Residents of Connecticut can legally own any type of knife, including disguised and ballistic knives, but not all knives can be carried off of personal property. If you want to make sure you’re in compliance with your state’s laws, you need to take the time to learn about them. In general, it’s best to keep knives away from schools. All of these laws seem to only cover cities or towns but I don’t want to be arrested because I was driving through a town with that knife in my car or hiking in a state park while carrying it. Any knife that can be legally owned can be carried openly legally. Schools have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to knives and other weapons. Nevada seeks to prevent any knife that might be seen as deadly from being carried around out of sight. This makes knife laws by state a tricky subject unless your state has a preemption clause. I found one area where I was potentially illegal and didn’t even know it. So, if you stick to a small pocket knife with a 2-3 inch blade and you have a permit, then you’re fine. Maryland knife laws are a study in contrasts. Now just about every type and size of knife can be legally purchased and owned. From kindergarten through college, students, faculty, friends, and family may not bring deadly weapons onto school property. Knife laws can vary widely between cities. Is it illegal for someone under 18 to carry a knife? Knives are forbidden from schools and courtrooms. For example, while is may be legal in Oklahoma to own many types of knives, it is not legal to carry some of them. For example, Boston has its own knife laws. Some restrictions apply when it comes to concealment. Illinois restricts two classes of knives – knives that are per se dangerous and those restricted under the unlawful use of weapons (UUW) law. Every state in the US has its own knife laws. It is also illegal to sell such knives to intoxicated individuals. Consequences of Illegal Practices Being convicted of unlawful knife possession can be considered a third or fourth-degree crime, depending on the circumstances. however because he is a minor, when he is traveling in a vehicle or bicycle, his knife MUST remain in it’s Sheath and LOCKED in a toolbox or tackle box (lock and key locked) and he must not have the knife concealed anywhere on his person. Any knife that is legal under US federal law can be owned legally in the state. If little Jimmy happens to have a knife larger it does not mean that he cant not possess one. Knives should never be brought onto school property, especially if they can be considered dangerous weapons. Knives with clear utility are more likely to be found to be not dangerous.

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