what do porcupines eat

So one of these predators will sometimes kill and eat a porcupine by flipping it onto its back and biting into its vulnerable belly. Many porcupines even eat timber of the ornamental trees and destroy the trees. FactsKing.com / Animal Facts / Top 8 Predators of Porcupines that Eat Porcupines The porcupine is best known for its sharp spikes and fierce look, helping it shield itself from predators. As young bush pilots (that’s how we you started a long time ago, little or no wages, to build time) Me and a friend decided we should write a northern survival manual, in case of a crash. If you have used a lethal trap, porcupine quills are still a threat to you. Porcupines are vegetarians and eat almost any plant material, but, particularly during the winter months, trees are special favorites: bark, branches, leaves, buds, twigs and such are commonly eaten. Do Porcupines Climb Trees? Porcupines love rose bushes, pansies, lily pads, all types of berries, corn, and several other garden favorites. The North American porcupine and the African porcupine differ in one crucial thing when looking for food; the North American porcupine climbs up trees to find food while the African porcupine forages for food only on the ground. For this reason, if you trap a porcupine, be sure to cover the trap in a tarp while transporting the animal. It is a large rodent encountered equally in the “Old World” and in North America and northern South America. Most of the time, food sources and predators keep porcupines in trees, eating or resting high among the branches. Some porcupines eat small lizards also with their strong jaws and teeth. Having posted recordings of the groundhog and raccoon, several of my readers inquired about the porcupine. A porcupine hangs out on the side of a dirt road in Otis on July 9. Credit: Natalie Williams / BDN Porcupines are fun, unique critters to observe if they find their way to your property. The North American porcupine is found in heavily wooded regions from Alaska to the northern extreme of Mexico. WHAT DO PORCUPINES EAT? How much good can porcupine meat be as a survival food if you end up getting your hands bloodied from quills while trying to make use of it? Diet Porcupines are selective in their eating; for example out of every 1,000 trees in the Catskill Mountains, porcupines will only eat from 1-2 linden trees and one big toothed aspen. Many trees are killed by the voracious habits of porcupines. A porcupine eats tender bark and twigs, along with other types of vegetation. In the winter, they mainly eat conifer needles and tree bark. ^ Because porcupines primarily target wood, most people are unaware how much they like succulent plants. Burn The Quills. The American porcupines include four genera: the tree porcupines of Central and South America, the North American porcupine, what do porcupines eat the thin-spined porcupine of Brazil, and the Amazonian porcupine. During the summer, they eat twigs, roots, stems, berries, and other vegetation. So here's a recording of porcupine squeals that I made in the Adirondack Mountains way back in 1988, at the very beginning of my nature recording career. Pulling the quills often traumatizes the flesh more than the initial stab. [citation needed] Behavior The new world porcupines have a habit of eating pine needles, fruits, nuts, flowers, grasses, an aquatic plantations. They both eat leaves, herbs, twigs, bark, roots, fruits and berries but also farm crops. But few animals know this porcupine-eating trick. Do not handle the animal without heavy gloves. And, what do porcupines eat? Rabbits and deer are often blamed for this damage when many times it is being done by porcupines. The mystery surrounding how to handle a porcupine for consumption remained until I hunted black bear with a Native American guide in Saskatchewan who grew up eating them. What Do Porcupines Eat? Found in forests across the northern and western U.S., the waddling, quill-covered porcupine is an agile climber. These animals only den in hollow logs or abandoned burrows on the coldest winter days.

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